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December 27, 2014 by regular rimpi

Well this is amusingly awkward… I made this blog  hella long time ago and apparently completely forgot about it? Good news is I am back in business- the blogging business! (That sounded stupid, remind me to never attempt being cool again). So let’s get some things straight: First of all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! This is super late but hey, late’s better than never, right? (I hope so anyway). Hopefully, you had a great time, whether you celebrate Christmas or not 🙂 Aaand secondly, if you do not find the following picture amazingly cute, you’re not gonna enjoy this blog very much:


HOWEVER, feel free to stick around because I happen to have a life outside of supernatural! (Although said life is small and insignificant in comparison. *sighs*)

I’ll be blogging about a whole lot of stuff on here but my other interests include: American Horror Story; Bob’s Burgers; The Simpsons; a whole load of other shows; some books; cats, lots and lots of cats; candles; Midy Kaling is love, Mindy Kaling is life; tacos; striped socks; not striped soc- okay I need to get back on track.

That’s all from me for now folks because this was just a short and extremely awkward introduction, as awkward intros are what I’m best at, and you know it. Have a good day, amigos! Your fellow fangirl ✳


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