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December 28, 2014 by regular rimpi

This is kinda late but if you haven’t heard already, Taylor Swift has dropped her new album (it was actually a while ago, oops) and I must say, it’s super impressive. But here’s the thing…

Hate the album cover personally but hey, you can’t judge an album by it’s cover.

People don’t like Taylor. They don’t like her because she made the leap from country music to the supposedly money-making scheme that is pop radio.

People also don’t like her because she has gone out with her fair share of manly-man… and by fair share, I mean a lot of manly-man. But what really enrages and baffles the whole world is that she’s got the nerve to sing about it all in the end.

There there, Tay, it’s all gonna be okay.

I used to love her country songs- I’m pretty sure we all had our Love Story phase and then realised that it would never happen that way, *cries*. In fact, I still do cherish the days of White Horse and You Belong With Me. However, I was put off her music when she released Red, the first album which could arguably be classed as a pop album. It just didn’t feel like her any more…

It was almost like a long overdue puberty had struck T Swizzle and she started being very hipster (as show on the left)

Despite her looking undeniably hot in this, we all know that this is a new look to what we were used to: the blonde curls; the red, sunburnt looking skin; the acoustic guitar with teardrops on it…

I think it’s safe to say that she had had a makeover- and not just on her hair.

Although I’m not a massive fan of most pop music these days, I must say that on the whole, it’s not actually bad stuff. Clearly the music’s popular for a reason, so you do end up with some amazing artists that make you want to praise the lord for letting you discover them through the wonder that is FM radio. Great examples of this are Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran.

But by abandoning her old style, Taylor lost her a huge chunk of her old fanbase (not going to lie, I fall into this sector). I would be on a yacht if I had a penny for every time I’ve heard someone say “I like Taylor’s old stuff” or “She was better at country”. I used to agree with these completely. The Swiftie in me was dead and long gone.

Notice I said ‘was’, and not ‘is’…

PLOT TWIST, I now adore her.

This sudden change in opinion of mine was caused by listening to 1989. It’s still very pop-y, but like I said, that’s not always a bad thing. On the whole, I think her songs on here were just drastically better than those on Red. Seriously, I’ve had Blank Space in my head for over a month now and I still don’t hate the song… This never happens, it’s a miracle.

It occurred to me that people hated the fact that she always sang about heartbreak and true love (which isn’t even TRUE by the way, she has got some songs a few songs that aren’t) but people never specify what it is they actually want her to sing about. My biggest musical nightmare would be to one day wake up and find that she’s singing about butts like Nicki Minaj. But really, what else is there for her to be writing about? Spoons? Trees? Trees holding spoons?

To conclude, here’s an open letter from me to Taylor Swift:


Ignore the haters. You’re actually pretty cool. Also, bring back the curly hair, dammit.

And to those of you to who really want to spam her with hate, please have a look at this picture and ask yourself who’s in the wrong:

The awkward moment when your success is just too much to handle.



(P.S. these are all my opinions, please don’t get feisty but feel free to disagree! (hey that rhymes).


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