I am officially a dog person

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April 10, 2015 by regular rimpi

I have never had a pet, having been told repeatedly by my parents that I’m too irresponsible to keep one. I can’t exactly agree with that statement but I am definitely not denying it…

homer lolz

Look at me… Do I look ‘irresponsible’ to you?!

That being said, I can certainly say this: if (and when) I do get a pet, I will treat it much, much better than I’ve been treating myself- which is pretty darn good considering how much Häagen-Dasz I have in my blood right now.

I can also guarantee this: My first pet will be a dog. There’s no question about it.

I know this is a pretty controversial move, believe me. Had you asked me which animal I would keep as my first pet about a week ago – *cue the Bobby Shmurda song everybody hates* – I would have picked a chubby cat as my answer. Without a doubt.


That is the face… Of a cat who just saw another cat.

Felines are incredibly majestic. You look a kitty straight in the eye and then tell me if you aren’t completely in love… Hell, even hairless cats have something about them. You get the gist. From a very young age all I cared about was cats. This was obviously influenced by my dad’s love for cats and my mum’s massive fear of dogs (“They lick people! That’s just nasty!!” was always her argument). I didn’t exactly have much choice and to be honest, I didn’t care much about dogs (… you have no idea how painful it is to write that now *cries intensely*).

Growing up, a lot of my family friends didn’t have pets either so I didn’t see much of cats or dogs. However, recently I stumbled upon a certain ‘furry friends’ tag on YouTube. These videos are golden. I spent my weekend watching various YouTubers answer questions about their pet’s past, how they chose a name, quirky facts, etc.

80% of the videos I saw had dogs in them and something inside me just clicked. I didn’t care about cats any more and dogs were where it was at.

They run hella fast, they’re cute and fly (af), they can do a range of tricks, they chew sh*t up, they’re perfect! I told my mother, begging her to reconsider the idea of us getting out own furry friend and her response broke my heart much more than I had at first been anticipating: “I guess you can have a pet… Unless it licks.”

Do you ever have one of those moments when you look at someone else a dog and think “How did you get life so easy? Why the hell can’t I be you? Your parents never stop you doing anything!” For me, that was one of those moments.

P.S. I drew that cover picture that says ‘woof’, but cleverly has a dog’s face incorporated into it. I’m so proud and claim copyright. Just sayin’.


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