The Tragic Story of The Parent-Child Bond

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December 23, 2015 by regular rimpi

I know I barely ever update this blog… I forgot it existed, apologies…

But let’s put my laziness aside for a second play a fun game of Do I Have an Attitude Problem or Are My Parents Being Melodramatic?

Now, I never intended to end up ranting on this blog but goddamn y’all really deserve to know that ranting is undoubtedly what I do best. I also didn’t want to throw around the word problematic- the world doesn’t need another Buzzfeed- but this is just one of those topics; and by that I mean this is too personal a matter for me to not be hyperbolic.

In a world constantly making social and technological progress, it is often assumed that times now are the best they have been and many are convinced that they’re the best they will ever be (it’s a downhill slide from here on out, boys *cries*).

This huge admiration for the times we live in is the probably what forms the basis for an irritating but reoccurring statement that parents make all. the. damn. time.

“You have EVERYTHING, Rimpi, why can’t you be more grateful?”

Right. Okay. 1) I don’t have everything, do you see me running around with a Kim K booty? Nah, didn’t think so and 2) I AM grateful! On most days… I just suck really really really really badly at showing my gratitude.


One could say I have a GRattitude problem… (you laughed at that, don’t even lie)

Truthfully, these days I’m just too grumpy to say “thanks” to my parents. I seem to be fine when I’m out and about; according to several of my teachers I’m a ‘delightful girl’ (but did they know that I’m basically soulless at home???????? Didn’t think so). I have always been utterly baffled by my mother who has been insisting that I’m ‘rude’ for as long as I can remember and it only occurred to me the other day what’s really going on there.

So this is the epiphany that hit me: I’m always bottling up my rage because I’m scared of consequences, of what might happen if I some day snapped and swore at a teacher. One bad move could easily ruin all of my career prospects and I know I wouldn’t be able to live with myself for that. As a result of that, I’ve been coming home from school every day and taking it out on my parents.

(WARNING: I’m going to sound corny af when I say this but here goes…)

My parents deserve nothing but the best. They have always tried to be there for me and they always will- regardless of how much they insist I’ve disappointed them. Which is why my new year’s resolution will definitely be to treat them better.

Now some of you may be wondering “But Rimpi, how will you find another outlet for your rage? Who are you going to disappoint instead? Which is the one other person you could be a bitch to who can’t endanger your future but who didn’t raise you?” Well my friend, that is where my sister comes into it…

I’m joking! (I think)

Well that’s all from me but BEFORE I LEAVE, I need to advice (or at least motivation) on how to sort out my blog. I have no real aesthetic and let’s be real, this ugly-ass blog has too many shade of blue on it  for it to feel aesthetically pleasing. I need some change in my life… New year new m- nope nope never mind, let’s stop right there lol

Have a spectacular Christmas guys and I hope 2016 is the very best for all of you! 🙂


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